First off, let's make it clear that ATE receives no compensation whatsofreakin'ever, from the Gardens. Nor am I f riends with the owner, e tc.

My endorsement is not for sale anyway. Unless it's true.

If you are in Los Angeles, but play at the other clubs, my question is WHY

I mean, this place does everything right. They have the best action, and dang, six buck prime rib that melts in your mouth. Free sodas, and did I mention the best action.

ATE wins is the omaha, at a ration of about 9 out of time times. Part of this is, of course that I am the top authority in the WORLD (by FAR) in omaha. But, if you don't have great action, the rake will of course tear you a new one (at this limit, 4--8) and winning is not possible, regardless of skill level.

From the s huttle that takes you back to your car, to the wonderful dollar fifty soups, to the MEGA jackpot ever other hour, this place is what a casino is meant to be, fun and beatable.