This question may sound a bit odd, since one of the characteristics that defines online poker, and provides advantage over live games, is the fact that you can play anytime. Just login to your favourite poker room at 3 am in the morning, and you will find hundreds of tables filled with players from all over the world. So, is it relevant to ask “is there a better time to play?”. The answer – yes, it is, because there are indeed better hours to join the tables:

-First and most important, the weekend. It is not a coincidence that the biggest online poker tournaments are held at the weekend, usually Sunday. In the weekends, most people who have regular jobs have more time to play, and because of that, you can find much more amateur poker players at the tables, especially on Sunday;

-Late in the evening – you will be up against players that are or have been drinking or playing all day long and are no longer playing at their best;

- Middle of the night - when players are no longer wide awake. Be aware of what countries play at the site you are playing on. EST midnight is not midnight for a player from Sweden, if you want to take advantage of that particular player then you need to plan your session time accordingly.

-Early in the morning - you catch a lot of players at the end of an all-night session or a very long session and are now trying to either build on their session and make some more profit or trying to win back losses from a poor session.

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