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Full Version: Are Home Games Legal In Jersey?
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insomni AK
Cant really find any articles on this. Im thinking of starting a home cash game and I want to know if the cops are gonna come busting in even if Im not taking a rake... The game is gonna be going pretty often and itll likely be going all night sometimes. People might chip in to buy food and whatever, but theres no "house".
I doubt it, but I don't know for sure.

I also don't like reading much, but if you're interested:

or more specifically:

Could you post the answer if/when you find it? I'm sure it's in there somewhere because I believe I read it before.
Nothing illegal about a home game.
"Home Games" per say, are usually NOT illegal. And usually, not even a concern of local Law-Enforcement until they grow so big they become 'known' and suspect.

I can only speak of Texas, so.....

1) No one outside of the 'participants' stand to make any earnings;
Ex: - hiring a professional dealer or even tipping someone who steps in to deal.
Or, paying for snacks - say a 'tip' jar that is left beside where the snacks are served.

2) An "annual fee" or, "Membership dues" would make the game illegal.

3) Any 'vig' taken from any game, beit a tourney or rake taken for ring.

4) Any type of fee, tip, or $$ paid to any owner/organizer of the 'event' in example, a "sponsorship" of an event where anyone could profit from such.

In other words, if you are planning to form a 'home based game' and make any $$ from anything else except the game in and of itself, then you could be found guilty of a crime - usually a misdemeanor and a fine. The same would go for the dealers you hire, or the waitresses, cooks - etc. If you held the game at a 'rented' or 'leased' site, then the owners of such place could be held accountable also.

Follow the links Gansta gave.
Hate to sound like a downer here, but do you really want to deal with this in your own home? From the sounds of things you have decent cash games to go to in your area whenver you want. Unless of course you are just talking about a game with friends.

I don't know, I just don't know I wouldn't want the game to always be at my place. But you usually thinks things out pretty well, so I guess this is probably stuff you have already figured out for yourself.
I'm a police dispatcher and I talk to my cop friends about going to play in card clubs. I get the same answer every time. "In New Jersey, It's not illegal to make a bet. It's a different story for who ever is running the game."

But if you are going to be running a home game with your buddies, it's fine as long as you're not taking a cut.
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