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Full Version: Advice for KADIN
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Ok, KADIN, fortunaltely for you, the number one person in the world (by far) to give you advice, has seen your question.

Yes, that is of course, A.T.E.

Since I'm "pumped up " now, and don't need money, ATE has awarded you a 45 minute phone advice session, GRATIS.

My email is well-known, send me your number.

NOOOOOOOO, this is NOT a come-on to try to sell you something. ATE has sympathy for your situation.

Anyway, you really have not given enough facts to give a good answer. How many hours were spent, for the money made.?

The good news, is that almost anyone, unless you're a total BALLOON, can earn a living as a "pro"


Don't t hink there is some mystique or magical ability to being a "pro" Professional poker players, range from Nevada Rocks, grinding out another 200 bucks a week, to supliment Social Security Checks, to the 7-figure "famous" players y'all watch of TV . . . . . and everything inbetween.

ATE just LAUGHS at the silly, IGNORANT people I run accrosss, who say "if you're a PRO, how come you're in this game?

(Ed note: ATE plays EVERTHING from 2-4 cent, to 30-60 ALL games, ALL limits. Pot limt, up to 1000 max . . and YES, there is a reason why I play the penny games, make GOOD money by playin' 'em . . .INDIRECTLY)

SIGH, what ignorance! An ATE-trained player, will have NO problem makin' 200K a year, in the 100 max games.

100K a year, in 3-6

700K a year, in 30-60

So, believe me, friends, "small" online games . . . . . AINT so small!

(above figures, are based on 4 games at a time, 40 hours a week, with a good level of skill, but not a HUGE level of skill)

Ok, ARE WE NOW 100% CLEAR ON THIS!! You don't need GREAT talent, or some "magic" skills, to make a nice living.

If 80 grand a year, is a nice income for you, then all you need, is around 4 grand,


and of course . . the number one most important UNsecret ingrediant to being a professional player.

It ain't a ton of talent, it ain't a ton of money.

Well, ATE will just let everyone STEW on that for a while.

Just know, that the chances are that if you're not doing well, there are probably just a few KEY points, that you have BASSAKWARDS, and that is easily corrected.

For starters, let's get one thing, ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, once and for ALL.

Ok, we all know what ATE has to say about the horrifying PLAGUE that is "texas" hold em. It has been like a CANCER, for almost twenty years, killin' the game of ppoker.

Because of the SHEER idiocy, that is how most people play the game, it is beatable, though UNDESIRABLE. ANY game, is a better choice, than SCHMOLD'EM.

But, KADIN . . .here's the thing . . . .

Online, (except for 15-30 and up) for the most part, the action players just are not attracted to the game of hold 'em, ESPECIALLY limit hold em.

In BRAM casinos, there are two major differences, that make hold em an attractive game to the live action players.

(1) The presence of jackpots, often GIANT jackpots, which cause people who never would have gotten involved in poker, to play. They play longer, and more often, chasing the dream of jackpot lmoney.

Ha ha, tee hee hee, ATE has seen people who didn't even know how the jackpot WORK#ED, playing hoping to hit it.

(2) The large volume of chips in the pot, is a major attraction to Action players.

Well, gotta go

ATE would suggest, that you start learning other games. omaha, omaha8 and stud 8 are the games THAT ARE MOST SUITED TO INTERNET PLAY.

There is probably hope for you Kadin, but know this:


It's a GRIND, and the only reason for doing it, is the money.

ATE has spoken.
I appreciate you taking the time to write that out ATE. Thanks for your suggestions.

ATE has not given you your suggestions yet.

Please do NOT "diss" ATE, by failing to accept this offer.

There are people who would KILL, to get a chance to speak to ATE, much less for FREE.

I'm too depressed right now, to work with my PAYING students. (Note: to Pieter, yes, I'll get to you, sorry for the wait)

But yet, ATE has decided to speak to you, for 45 minutes.

NOW would be a good time.

ATE, do you have msn messenger?

[quote=Kadin,Aug 28 2005, 06:35 PM]
ATE, do you have msn messenger?



You know, building an MSN messenger support group would be a great idea... or an AIM support group. It'd be nice to have some people on my list. Some of you folks, I already have in my contact lists, but... there are some who I'd like to add too.
I'm up for msn support!

but wont it lead to us all getting spammed to death... although already having 972 emails in my inbox I guess it wouldnt matter...

also ATE what does this mean? INDIRECTLY?

Ed note: ATE plays EVERTHING from 2-4 cent, to 30-60 ALL games, ALL limits. Pot limt, up to 1000 max . . and YES, there is a reason why I play the penny games, make GOOD money by playin' 'em . . .INDIRECTLY)
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